Mini Maker Faire 2015

During the weekend of 29 and 30 August was at the Mini Maker Faire in Eindhoven with an upcycling workshop. During the weekend the public could experience upcycling design themselves! We used materials that have had a life, combined with (some) new materials. For the Mini Maker Faire, we have gathered waste from the former Accelleration Building at the High Tech Campus that is changing users next month. The building needed to be empty by the first of Septembre. To inspire participants, our upcyclers Pronckstuk and Sound Girl Design showed their own creations in our booth. Luckily our public was very creative and lots of beautiful design was made!

The Mini Maker Faire is a fantastic celebration for creative and passionate Makers. Nearly 2,000 visitors came to see over 80 Maker presentations and activities. The makers gave a pretty diverse picture of what is possible in the field of 3D printing, recycling, food technology, playful software, media, electronics, robotics, biosensors, art, drones, fabbing, tinkering and much more. Both makers and visitors enjoyed themselves for hours, kids could not stop playing and tinkering with the many creative tech activities.