Upcycling designers see the value of materials that have had a life. They make amazing designs with waste. Upcycling designers genuinely help close the loop in Circular economy*. But where do upcycling designers find the right materials? How can materials best be reused? How can upcycling designers expand their market share?

WeReMake.com aims to help designers and DIY'ers to bridge the gap in the loop in three ways:

  • first, find the right materials close to home;
  • second, exchange tips & tricks and instructions for making designs while reusing materials;
  • and third, provide a platform to sell their products and be found by customers.

WHOIS WeReMake.com?
WeReMake.com is an initiative by Nicole Segers of Creation2Creation. This project was funded by Mrs Marina van Damme. Webdevelopment by Floris van Geel and Patrick Custers of 040LAB.

The best way to explain what a circular economy is, is to compare it to our current linear economy. In our current economic system, we extract resources from our planet at an ever-increasing pace, and turn them into a product that we mostly dispose after use. From the perspective of an individual or organization, that seems efficient. However, zooming out to a global level shows how unsustainable this approach is.

In order for those same individuals and organizations to thrive, we need an economic system that operates within our planetary boundaries. The circular economy concept decouples growth and prosperity from the use of natural resources and ecosystems. By feeding products, components, untapped resources and materials are back into the appropriate value chains, we can create a healthy economy that is inspired by and in balance with nature. Source circle-economy.com.