upcycling is our objective

  • I have used materials for WeReMakers!

    Perhaps you are a demolition expert, a merchant of used materials, or you simply have waste in your profession or household. You have materials that have had a life, waste. It does not matter.

  • I want to sell on WeReMake!

    We're re - makers. WeReMakers are people who enjoy making things and complex projects with a wide range of used materials, like household items or materials from the building industry.


  • bank steigerhout

    vooraanzicht bank
    € 300,00
  • staande lamp

    staande lamp lantaarn
    € 100,00
  • Tafel lamp

    Tafel lamp
    € 99,00
  • Kinderbed op zolder

    Kinderbed op zolder
    € 500,00